Necro is coming!

Seksound is releasing a set of recordings not yet heard in the form of an album. Recorded and mixed between 1997 and 1998, Bizarre Necro is the third full-length album under the Seksound label. Ten tracks in total, a few of the songs from the release appeared on compilations throughout the years while others have yet to be heard by fans. Bizarre Necro will be released on June 4th in both digital and limited-edition vinyl formats. You can pre-order it here!


Never wanting to be pegged as a shoegaze or dreampop band, Bizarre always experimented with electronics and various writing structures during the life of the band. Necro demonstrates Bizarre’s elasticity as the tracks move from shoegaze and dreampop infused moments to dance permeated beats and ambient textures. Eclectic yet still sounding like the same band, from the wistful vocals of “Never Ever” to the funk infused  “International Love Affair”, Necro demonstrates the versatility of this foundational group.

bizarre_by peeter_paasmae_5

Bizarre’s catalog has become historically important for the genres and now Seksound is unearthing these tracks and filling new gaps in the Estonian scene’s musical record.


Eoins debut is out!

Seksound proudly presents Eoins´debut album “Rites” by the frontman of the now gone Estonian post-punk band lack of Eoins.

The new eclectic album features songs in various genres characterized by restless rhythmic and harmonic convolution.  Deriving influences from post-punk and folk to bedroom electronica, Eoins makes use of a broad range of musical characters and professional capabilities while remaining true to the lo-fi/ everyday aesthetics of its earlier days as lack of Eoins.

Seksound has already released three digital singles from the album: “Sudden Death Mode” (buy here), “What the Future Holds” (buy here) and “Shiver & Shrug” (buy here). These tracks will be accompanied by seven brand new tracks on “Rites”.

The new album is available in CD and digital formats. Order your copy here!!


Pia Fraus – Mountain Trip EP

Pia Fraus released their long await comeback album Field Ceremony on Seksound Records. Well received and critically acclaimed, two singles were released prior to the full-album release. Now, the next single from Pia Fraus’ Field Ceremony is seeing the light of day in the form of a tour EP. The Mountain Trip EP sees the band highlighting the fourth track on Field Ceremony along with a number of remixes.

The Mountain Trip EP will be an exclusive release for Pia Fraus’ upcoming Field Ceremony Tour – a dreamy track with bright tones and winding, poppy melodies. Along with the single version of “Mountain Trip Guide”, the EP includes remixes from some incredible artists and long-time friends of the band. Included in the list of remixers is Lightships (Gerard Love of the Scottish band Teenage Fanclub); two from Bill Wells who is a mainstay of the Scottish indie scene, Future Pilot A.K.A. Also Seksound labelmates Wolfredt and Picnic provided remixes; and Jatun who has been a long-time friend of the band since the time of In Solarium’s release. Each artist brings their own unique interpretation to the single, evoking genres such as disco, trance, and slowcore with incredible results.

You can catch the band on tour on the following dates:

09.02.2018 Pärnu, Estonia / Kultuuriklubi Tempel
10.02.2018 Tartu, Estonia / Uus Teater
11.02.2018 Tallinn, Estonia / Von Krahl
23.02.2018 Tokyo, Japan / Koenji High
25.02.2018 Tokyo, Japan / Koenji High
28.02.2018 Taipei, Taiwan / APA Mini
23.05.2018 Montreal, Canada / l’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle
24.05.2018 Ottowa, Canada / House of TARG

The Mountain Trip EP will be released on February 4, 2018 and available from the band both online (buy here) and on tour in limited hand numbered and signed CD and digital formats.





December shivers!

Seksound releases Eoins’ new single “Shiver & Shrug”, Eoins full length album “Rites” is due in early 2018.
The forthcoming album features earlier releases with Seksound – “What the Future Holds” and “Sudden Death Mode” – and seven brand new tracks. While the earlier singles were flirting electronica and sampling, “Shiver & Shrug” loves guitars, folk and prog rock. The new album will broaden the genre spectrum even further.
Eoins was formed by Madis Järvekülg, the leader of the now gone post-punk band lack of Eoins, whose debut album was released nine years ago.
Buy it here!



Mountain trip lets go!

Seksound invites you to trip to the mountains of Pia Fraus!  Brand new video for the wondrous and ambient track “Mountain Trip Guide” by Pia Fraus is out now. It is directed and edited by the former Pia Fraus drummer Joosep Volk.

“The song’s atmosphere is interpersonal, resonating a familiarity and tranquil mood. The song is full of luscious sounds, painting imagery that feels remote, almost isolating. Pia Fraus entertain the idea of feeling abandoned by yourself in such stunning areas, even if that area is within the depths of yourself. “Mountain Trip Guide” is sure to bring a formidable emotion to the forefront of one’s life. The song now has an accompanying music video, which can be seen below. “Mountain Trip Guide” is off of Pia Fraus’ recent record Field Ceremony” New Noise Magazine

“This one has got much of its inspiration from Scottish mountains and trips to Scotland we’ve made with our friends and bandmates. I like that, in the end, this song that had started off from almighty nature, gained an even erotic undertone. It has some hazyness, overwhelmingness, a feeling that you’ve got lost in the mountains or simply in your own feelings.” – Pia Fraus

Director and Editor: Joosep Volk
Set assistant: Reijo Tagapere
Color Grade: Tauno Sirel

Mountain Trip Guide From the album “Field Ceremony” (2017 Seksound/Shelflife), you can order it here!