Lets go to Galaktlan!

We are very happy to share good news!

First released in 2005 by Kohvirecords, Galaktlan´s second album Constance will now reissued on vinyl!


Galaktlan aka Taavi Laatsit has gathered here verbal and musical samples, synthesizer shimmerings, the precise beats and sounds of synthetic electronics but also more natural rhythm patterns and even string instruments. At times, the music blends into a haze of sound, at times forms detailed compositions with clear instrumental lines, eventually drawing a picture of a melancholic romantic magical world. Hendrik Luuk gives Galaktlan a hand in a track „Kindralmidi“ on guitar and Ramo Teder, aka Pastacas, enriches „Laanetaguse“ with his unmistakably recognizable voice. Tristan Priimägi said in his review that if electronic music is usually inspired by realism, then Galaktlan is inspired by magic. It´s baroque electronica. „Constance is an ode to the times when people could be bothered to read poems and express their love for someone“, he wrote. Galaktlan has himself said that the title of the album is inspired by the world and thinking of Alexandre Dumas, by the beautiful Constance Bonacieux from „The three musketeers“, who was loved and adored by D’Artagnan. The last track of the album „Zolushka“, on the other hand, features as the main theme the Cinderella song from the Soviet animated film version of the fairytale. Such lyrical-nostalgic atmosphere is there through all 10 tracks.

The remastered „Constance“ will be out on vinyl and digitally on March 27th but it may be preordered already from Darla Records (here) or Seksound´s bandcamp page (here)!




Spring is coming soon with good news!

Seksound will release Pia Fraus and our long time favourite Rocketship from Portland, US split 7″ single!!!   The collaborative single of the musical soulmates includes a new track from both bands, recorded specially for this release.

It’s limited to 500 and You can already pre-order it from darla.com (USA) and seksound.bandcamp.com (EU). Released in March 2017.



Wow, how Bizarre!

Seksound keeps up the brilliant work of rereleasing indie pearls from the past – this time it’s the cult band Bizarre and their debut album from 1994.

Dream-pop band Bizarre released altogether two albums during their existence – Beautica (1994) and Café De Flor (1996). The latter was re-released by Seksound early in 2015.


Beautica’s reverb-drowned guitars and barely audible vocals once set the stage for Estonian indie scene, also paving way for Pia Fraus’ entrance a few years later. Back in the day, Bizarre used to offer poetic-astral alternative to the more punkish Röövel Ööbik but there is definitely more to Beautica than just dream painting. The noisy side of shoegazing may also be spotted.

These 7 tracks on the original cassette 22 years ago mark an important point in the Estonian alternative pop music tradition. It’s a historical document representing a brave contact with worldwide atmospheric music trends.

The vinyl has been mastered by Bizarre’s base player and now a valued producer and sound wizard Lauri Liivak. It can be preordered via Seksound Bandcamp page here and Darla Records home page here.

The official release of the LP is February 15th!


Autumn Winds are here!

Pia Fraus ends their 8-years halt with an autumn single

After eight years of silence, the Tallinn shoegazers Pia Fraus return with a brand new single giving a taster of the album to be out next year. The band’s new single “Autumn Winds” is released by their home label Seksound. The track is a a concentrate of yearning for autumn, rains ja wind, so everything is still great. The noisy startoff drifts into dreamy verse and then to higher reaching glittering chorus – that’s Pia Fraus as they are loved.

“Autumn winds” is written by Rein Fuks, mixed and mastered by a renowned pilot in the analogue-skies – Lauri Liivak. The single’s sleeve features a photo by indie scene’s grand old man and camera talent Tauno Pääslane, and its all brought brilliantly together by Seksound’s favourite designer and artist Kaarel Vahtramäe.

In addition to the original track, the single presents two remixes: from Pia Fraus’ drummer’s soloproject Wolfredt and an old friend of dreampop fans – Picnic. “Autumn Winds” will be digitally available through all the channels we’re used to – Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc. In Scandinavia and the Baltics, the single is brought to you by Playground Music, in the US and the rest of the world by Darla Records. Autumn Winds CD is hand numbered and limited to 250 copies!

You can order copy from:
Darla Records (USA) –  here
Seksound (EU) – here



Wolfredt “Neverno”

Dear friends!

The former drummer of Dreamphish and Pia Fraus, current member in Jan Helsing, Margus Voolpriit has released his second solo album “Neverno”.
Neverno lays on the table nine outstanding instrumentals. The carefully measured tracks roll out step by step, further and higher. The “higher” dimension holds true also for track titles, half of them reaching towards the sky. This aim becomes complete with the album’s sleeve design.
In comparison with Wolfredt’s debut LP “Lullabies to Vilhelmine” from three years ago, this album is more organic, there are more live drums, indie-electronic wandering is kept on course with straight post-rock riffs. It might remind you of the overseas post-rock scene – Explosions in the Sky, for example, also heading for higher spheres.
Wolfredt’s storytelling composition leads the listener through dreamy ballades to repetitive patterns of guitar chaos and all the way back and forth again. Safe and easy listening alternates with rather coarse dynamic expressions.
Even though the texture of the tracks lets you think of the album as a collaboration of band members, Wolfredt has remained a solo producer and song writer. Only his own voice remains unheard. Or, almost so.

Released On: 20.01.2016

01. Levitation
02. November
03. Night Has Eyes
04. All Is The Same
05. Aluminium Sky
06. Heaven Is Always Apen
07. After Forever
08. Startripping
09. T Minus 90 seconds

– SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/seksound/sets/releases-2016
– BandCamp: http://seksound.bandcamp.com

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