Wolfredt – Lullabies to Vilhelmine


Wolfredt – Lullabies to Vilhelmine
SEKs040 (Buy here)

We are glad to announce the release of Wolfredt debut album “Lullabies to Vilhelmine”. Behind Wolfredt hides himself Margus Voolpriit, known as the drummer in some eminent Estonian indie combos (Pia Fraus, Dreamphish) throughout 90s and 00s. As Wolfredt he has traded drums and kits to guitars and electronic devices. He makes his vista up with the help of rising, atmospherical guitars, pulsating electronics and a few sonic effects.

01. Await
02. In Dreams
03. Helplessness
04. The Lost Art of Humming
05. Mountains
06. Lullaby
07. Things That Remain
08. 4:55 AM
09. When We Were Happy
10. Silent Heartbeats

Released on: March 25, 2013


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